Office Signs

Stylish office signage shapes and communicates your brand voice. Creative office signs are also proven to boost productivity and make the workspace a more pleasant environment overall.

Office Signs: Custom Corporate Signage Solutions in Nairobi Kenya

Craft your workspace with custom office signs. Available in a range of materials and shapes, office signs will help you achieve stellar interior and exterior design for your company.

Office signage helps you build up your brand. It provides information to your customers, guests and staff. Refmac Signs is the largest signage company in Nairobi, Kenya and offers custom office signs of various designs to best suit your taste and brand philosophy.

Types of Office Signage

One of the most reliable and professional ways to brand spaces in and around your office is through signs. They help you add a personal touch to the overall design and make your brand identity unique. We provide high-grade exterior and interior office signs of all types.

Custom Conference Signs

Door Numbering Signs

Door Lable Signs

Sliding Meeting Signs

Ladies & Gents Sign

Floor Signs

Name Tag Signs

Lawyer / Advocate Signs

Meeting Room Signs

Conference and Meeting Room Branding

The conference and meeting rooms should reflect your brand identity. Interior office signs for branding are known to boost productivity by motivating your team while shaping your image for partners and customers. There are dozens of options to match your vision.
Restaurant Signs in Kenya

Office Reception Signs

Effective reception branding puts your company’s values front and center for visitors and employees. Interior office signs like logo light box signs are perfect for setting the right first impression. A fully branded reception area plays a pivotal role in your branding efforts.

Nameplates and Plaques

There is an array of options to personalize sign plates that designate the employee names, job titles and rooms of your company. Office name plaques can be made of high-quality materials like aluminum, wood, plastic and acrylic. Other options include interchangeable nameplate signs or sliding signs.

Decorative Office Signs

Decorative elements are a must if you want to create an inspirational space for your staff and customers. Personalize your overall design with decorative signs according to your unique taste and business needs.

Store Sneeze Screens

To create a safer environment, sneeze guards are a common feature in stores. In places like pastry shops, they serve as countertop displays to protect food from contamination and reduce viral infections. Adhesive graphics, engravings and printing are available for these custom store signs.

Charles Momanyi, Director @ Refmac Signs