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Light Box Signs in Nairobi Kenya

What is a Light Box sign?

A light box sign is any lighted signboard fitted with LED lights with graphical artistic demonstrating to the public all about the said organization. This is an integral form of advertisement capturing the passerby attention 24/7. Once it is incorporated, it becomes very phenomenal in increasing revenue upto 80%. It is made of different type of materials such as; aluminium, backlit banner and acrylic or lexan materials. These materials are durable and visually appealing, making them an ideal promotional tool.

As a sign company, we have continued to dominate the industry for close to 10 years now. This is because we realized the essence of this type of specialty and have endeavored to produce the best of these signage at ensuring we have met the intended purpose – standing out in the competitive market.

Have you ever thought of getting a light box advertisement for your brand? If yes, how? Don’t just craft a sign for the sake of. Consider a number of factors such as visibility, impressions and uniqueness.

Lighted signs in particular play a significant role in attracting high customer footfall and result in a prolific increase in sales. This type of lightbox signs allows you to reach a greater number of people and leave a long-lasting impression for your company. Even in the current digital age, this type of advertisement is the dorminant among different brands and proven to be extremely successful.

Light boxes are advantageous due to their recognizable and versatile features. It’s guaranteed that these signs will capture the attention of your target audience and enhance customer experience.

Types of Light Boxes

a) Flexi | Fabric Light boxes
b) 2D light boxes
c) 3d light boxes
d) Custom light boxes
e) Snap Frame Light boxes
f) LED Light Panel Light boxes

Get seen from high traffic areas by using a lightbox for exterior fascia or pylons. Inside they can highlight your brand above counters, in reception areas and shopfronts, giving your brand a sleek, professional look.

We generally fabricate our lightboxes out of acrylic or aluminium. The faces of our lightboxes are digitally printed on opal acrylic or flex face either single-sided or double-sided. We also offer diffrerent lighting options for your lightbox.


  • For larger light boxes, we recommend providing flex face panels to avoid the unseemly joins that you see in many old-school acrylic-faced lightboxes. Flex face can be produced in larger sizes - with no joins! - meaning that your brand, message and logo go uninterrupted across the full length of your illuminated sign. Your Refmac specialist will consult with you on the right lighting design based on the location, size, graphic design and the benefits that you want to achieve from your illuminated signage.
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Advantages of Lightboxes

The panel can be illuminated by fluorescent light bulbs or LED lighting strips. The efficiency of light boxes improved dramatically after the introduction of LED technology. These lighting sources can be placed at the back or side of the panel. Light boxes can be designed especially for outdoor purposes so they are more weatherproof and waterproof and usually have a lock on their front end to secure the images inside. One can see such light boxes easily in any retail shop or in a movie theatre

Outdoor / Exterior Lightboxes

Our exterior light box signs are designed especially for outdoor purposes so they are both weatherproof and waterproof. With the advances in LED technologies, we have a highly sustainable method of illuminating light box signs safely and effectively.

LED Light box signs

With virtually no size limitations and with the ability to customize illuminated displays to your exact needs, colors, and specifications, LED lightboxes are suitable for any environment.

3D Light Box Signs

3D light box signs are basically the one instead of printing a fascia canvas banner, 3d letterings are mounted on a board to create a protruding effect

Double Sided Light box Signs

Create a unique, impactful experience for your customers and guests with our illuminating double sided LED lightbox signs!
3D Light box signage nairobi kenya

Light Box Signs FAQs

Q. Can light box signs be used indoors?

Absolutely! All our lighted signs are UL certified and in compliance with applicable safety standards. LED lit box signs can be installed indoors and outdoors without posing any hazards.

Q. What materials are used for making light box signs?

Outdoor light box signs are made of some of the most durable materials in the signage industry. We use aluminum, lexan and backlit vinyl for making attractive cabinet signs. The back and sides of the sign are made of aluminum for safety purposes. The face is made of lexan and backlit vinyl to transfer LED light. Graphics are printed onto backlit vinyl and then applied to the lexan sheet. Upon customer request, we can also print the graphics directly onto the lexan.

Q. How are light box signs illuminated?

For outdoor light box sign illumination, we use energy-efficient LEDs. They come in strips attached to the inside of the aluminum box and illuminated through a lexan face. There are various illumination options for LED light boxes, from dual lit to partial-lit and beyond. We can make outdoor light box signs with custom illumination according to your needs.

Q. Can I get light box face replacement?

Yes. We offer repair and replacement services for custom light box signs. Whether you need to replace the entire sign or just the lexan face, we can make it happen. Our crew will arrive at the site and replace the light box face or otherwise in a quick and professional manner.

Q. Do you install light box signs?

A. Yes. Alongside all the other services we offer, we also provide installation for all the signs we make. Our craftsmen can install your commercial light box signs in your desired location no matter the size and complexity of the design.

Q. What is the main use of LED light box signs?

LED light box signs are one of the oldest and most popular types of outdoor advertising. Nowadays, LED light box signs can be used both indoors and outdoors for branding or decorative purposes. Often, businesses get outdoor light box signs to display the company logo on their building, in the office or during various events. LED light box signs are the perfect tool for effective business placement.

Q. What is the lifespan of LED light box signs?

The longevity of a custom light box sign depends on the location where the sign is displayed. An LED light box sign displayed indoors will have a longer lifespan than one displayed outdoors. In either case, LED light box signs can serve your business for decades, depending on how well you take care of them. What’s great about LED light box signs is that you can keep the same box for many years while replacing parts and elements of the sign. For example, you can replace the face of the LED light box with new graphics. Custom light box signs are illuminated with LED bulbs, contributing to the durability of the sign. If you’re looking for a long-lasting business sign, LED light boxes are one of the best options available.