LED Lightbox Signs by Refmac Signs

A light box is any lighted signboard fitted with LED lights with graphical artistic demonstrating to the public all about the said organization. This is an integral form of advertisement capturing the passerby's attention 24/7. Once it is incorporated, it becomes very phenomenal in increasing revenue by up to 80%.

Like the 3d signage, it is made of different types of materials such as; aluminium, backlit banner and acrylic or Lexan materials. These materials are durable and visually appealing, making them an ideal promotional

As a sign company, we have continued to dominate the industry for close to 10 years now. This is because we realized the essence of this type of speciality and have endeavoured to produce the best of this signage at ensuring we have met the intended purpose – standing out in the competitive market.
Have you ever thought of getting a lightbox advertisement for your brand? If yes, how? Don’t just craft a sign for the sake of. Consider a number of factors such as visibility, impressions and uniqueness.

Lighted signs in particular play a significant role in attracting high customer footfall and result in a prolific increase in sales. These type of lightbox signs allows you to reach a greater number of people and leave a long-lasting impression on your company. Even in the current digital age, this type of advertisement is dominant among different brands and has proven to be extremely successful.
Lightboxes are advantageous due to their recognizable and versatile features. It’s guaranteed that these signs will capture the attention of your target audience and enhance the customer experience.

Types of Light Boxes
a) Flexi | Fabric Light boxes
b) 2D light boxes
c) 3d light boxes
d) Custom light boxes
e) Snap Frame Light boxes
f) LED Light Panel Light boxes