Aluminium Signs

Aluminium signs, also called metal signs, are the most durable medium in the signage industry. Their versatile and non-corrosive properties make them an ideal choice for informative as well as promotional purposes. Aluminum signs are strong, lightweight and affordable. They’re customizable, high-performance and ecologically responsible.

Aluminum Signs: Custom Metal Signs for Your Business in Nairobi Kenya

Aluminum signs pique curiosity and add a rustic touch to any venue. Metal signs have a bold industrial appearance and convey your message with professionalism. 

If you’re looking for custom aluminum signs in Kenya or anywhere across the East & Central Africa, then contact us at Refmac Signs. We’re a local sign company offering all-inclusive services. Our experts will design, produce, install and maintain metal signs based on your individual needs.

Types of Custom Metal Signs

Metal signs are durable and flexible in usage which makes them an excellent choice for both outdoor and indoor purposes. They can be designed in various styles to set a desired tone throughout your establishment. We provide sign manufacturing serevices for top-quality aluminum signs of all kinds.

Custom Metal Logo Signs

A creative aluminum logo sign can be integrated into the company’s branding to add  a sense of power and permanence. Custom metal logo signs can elicit a positive association with your enterprise and help to identify your trademark. Custom metal logo signs add a professional tone and personalize your space.

Custom metal logo signs will help your business look distinct and stand out from the rest. With the right design, your custom metal logo signs will reflect who you are and what you’re doing.

Whether you’ve just launched, relocated or want to redesign your business space,  custom metal logo signs will create an eye-catching display to elevate any space.

Aluminum logo signs are available with a matte, glossy or dry-erase finish. They can also be customized with precision cutting, engraving and UV-cured inks. Aluminum logo signs crafted by our experts will speak volumes on your behalf.

Aluminum Letters

Aluminum letters add an elegance and refinement to space design. They accentuate your message using flat or dimensional text in relief.

Utilizing an assortment of metal signs enhances visual appeal and creates a cohesive brand image.

Aluminum letters can be fabricated according to custom styles, shapes and sizes.

Tastefully designed aluminum letters will decorate your premise and build a cultured image of your company. Combined with light box signs they'll make a great branding tool.

If you have any questions regarding aluminum cut-out signs, contact us for a free consultation.

Custom Aluminum Signs

Equipped with the latest technologies, Refmac Signs will create stunning custom aluminum signs for your business no matter how complex the concept.

The sleek aesthetic of custom metal signs enhances the overall appeal of any space.

Custom outdoor metal signs such as pylon signs will generate interest in your enterprise. Indoor custom metal signs will connect with your visitors for a long time to come.

Charles Momanyi, Director @ Refmac Signs