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    Signage Services That
    You Can Trust

    Build your brand identity by using signs to represent your business and services offered to the customers. Using effective signage can help you develop your business as it works as a solid foundation for branding.

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  • Exceptional Signage.<br>Exceptional Signs.

    Exceptional Signage.
    Exceptional Signs.

    We see it as our job to help you stand out. To do this, we offer an extensive range of signage options and provide a one-stop-shop for manufacture, delivery and installation.

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Sign Maintenance Services

Refmac Signs is a full-service sign company providing complete designproduction, and sign installation services in addition to sign maintenance and sign repair.
School Gate Signs in Kenya by Refmac Signs

Sign Installation

Do your company the justice of investing in premium sign products customized to fit the needs of your business brand. There are so many opportunities to make a lasting impression in the minds of prospective consumers. Utilize the latest in printing technology and techniques, take advantage of our expert design team, and secure your place in the marketing world with a custom piece of signage.

There is an endless amount of sign customization options available to your business. You can choose different shapes, sizes, locations, color combinations, detailed borders, fonts, high resolution images, and mediums that will determine the aesthetic of your sign. Do not wait another day to tap into the resource that is custom sign advertisement!

We are a full-service custom sign and graphics company that specializes in providing our clients with a higher standard of products. We pair professional sign fabricators, premium materials, and exceptional service to create a sign investment that keeps on giving!

Sign Maintenance


Point to Note

The life of your signage can be greatly increased by adequate and frequent maintenance. The newer the sign the less often your sign needs any upkeep, but it is still wise to have them looked at from time to time to ensure you are receiving the most from your marketing investment.


We have the Capacity

For example, the older neon signs can be very expensive to keep in shape and maintain. The newer LED illuminated signs are much less expensive, conserve energy, and have many customizing options. Whether you are in need of a repair, basic maintenance, or an upgraded model, our sign maintenance team are going to see you through it all!


Don't Ignore

A sign with damage or that is in any disarray can be limiting the positive memorable impressions you are making. There is even the possibility of upgrading your older signage for a newer model that needs less maintenance


Repair Professionals

If you’ve ever passed broken or run-down branded signage in your daily life, you’ll understand how it can negatively affect your perception of a business. However, managing your own corporate signage maintenance can be a timely and expensive process. Luckily, this is where Refmac Signs comes in.

Sign Repair Services

Most modern day signage is very durable, and needs little in the ways of repairs. However, older signs can need upkeep to insure they stay reliable as a marketing tool. The most common is the older back-lit display signs that are constructed using neon lighting. These need frequent maintenance, and business owners often opt to change out the older lighting method for the newer LED lighting which is more reliable and resistant to longevity damage.

We have one of the best professional sign staff in the industry, and we strive to provide our clients with a superior standard of service that exceeds expectations. We guarantee that your sign repairs will be fairly priced, done with the latest technology and techniques, and will sustain your sign investment as a high impact advertisement!

signage repair services in Nairobi Kenya

Signage Maintenance

We plan, manage and implement signage projects on any scale, from a single site to a nationwide network. Our team draws on unrivalled industry expertise, an approved contractor network and a world-leading, web-based management system to deliver intelligent lifecycle solutions, ensuring best market value.

signage Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya

Sign Restoration

If you require repairs to damaged signs, Refmac Signs can restore your signage to its former glory.  We have the capabilities to perform structural repairs to replacing fabricated letters and repainting

Signage Electrical Service Repair in Kenya

Electrical Service

To ensure your signage is always looking its best and working optimally all year round, it is highly recommended to service the electrics of your signs every 12-months

Your trusted team

Our team of dedicate corporate sign repair professionals can not only fix any immediate problems impacting your signage, but can also provide regular corporate sign maintenance solutions.

signage repair in kenya

Carefully Executed

We do this by:

  • Making sure your signage is appropriately designed for the intended purpose.
  • Introducing an asset management database to track the condition of your signage.
  • Replacing rather than repairing assets that are beyond their effective life cycle.
  • Regularly cleaning your signs.
  • Planning and implementing a preventive maintenance program.
  • Assigning a dedicated team member to ensure your signage is always well-maintained.

Reliable Signage Repair

Refmac Signs provides our customers with:

  • technical expertise
  • streamlined sign management
  • long-term value
  • lasting partnerships
  • intelligent lifecycle solution

In short – signs made easy.


What Our Clients Say

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