Building Signs

Use spectacular building signs to expose your business to a wide audience at all times. These prominent displays will add unmatched commercial value to your brand. With the amount of experience we have had over 10 years, we can proudly say that we have matched if not exceeded the best sign companies in kenya

Custom Channelium Signs

3D Acrylic Signs

Single Lettering 3D Signs


Rooftop 3D Signs

Backlit Silver Aluminium Signs

Acrylic 3D Signs

LED Frontlit Channelium Signs

LED Beauty Signs

Office Building Signs

Building signs create the first impression of your business so be sure to select tasteful designs. Building name signage helps passersby become aware of your company and the industry it belongs to. Without proper signage, it’ll be a nondescript building that doesn’t stand out in any way. Office building signs. accompanied with directional signs, help your business create a professional image for clients and employees.

Restaurant Signs in Kenya

Restaurant Building Signs

Customers will be continuously exposed to your restaurant with the help of a memorable building sign that displays your logo. The right building signs help keep your business in the minds of new and old patrons, working as a silent salesperson for your business. There are a number of restaurant signs you can choose from. Contact us and our experts will offer you the best solution.

Retail Store Building Signs

Capture the attention of passersby and direct them to your store with alluring building wall signs. Building store signs are a guaranteed tool for all kinds of brick and mortar businesses to exude a trustworthy image and reputation. Whether you want to showcase the name of your mall or promote a campaign, outdoor building signage is an outstanding solution.

Bank Building Signs

If you're looking for a long-lasting and highly effective marketing solution then business building signs are exactly what you need. Bank building signs are beneficial for businesses wanting to increase credibility among customers. Exterior signs for buildings help increase brand prominence and spread the right message for all kinds of financial institutions.

Hospital Exterior Building Signs

Often, hospitals and medical institutions display their name on the facade of the building with light box signs or reverse channel letters. Building logo signs help visitors easily locate the hospital building which is vital for such institutions. We offer various outdoor building signs for hospitals, all made of premium materials that are sure to stand the test of time.

Charles Momanyi, Director @ Refmac Signs