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We are one of the leading road signs manufacturers companies in Kenya. Our presence is felt far and wide across east & Central Africa. We make, stock and sell a huge variety of Kenyan Standard road signs, traffic signs & street signs including stop signs, safety signs, parking signs, traffic control signs, construction signs and warning signs. road signs standard made of 10 years lifetime Prismatic Retro-reflective on aluminium base plate. In addition to this, we also craft the best business signs

Their Meaning

Road Signs In Kenya And

With one of the largest ranges of road signs in Kenya, our road signs and traffic signs will divert traffic, improve flow, control pedestrians, restrict parking, show road closures, regulate speed, give way and everything in between. Our Kenyan road signs include direction arrow signs to indicate road direction ahead, alerting drivers of animals and cattle stock present on the road, as well as indicating special road rules in certain stretches. Traffic signs direct traffic within your facility, warehouse, plant, factory or workplace, can be used to direct pedestrians and alert traffic of forklift usage. Made in Kenya to the highest standard, our road signs are designed to last outdoors, to continue to improve the safety of people and places you care about.

Road Signs In Kenya & their Meaning

There is a reason for the creation and implementation of signage, and the most obvious is the protection and prevention of accidents. Therefore, it is impecable for the public to learn more about the four categories of road signs in Kenya and their meanings to create a safe environment.

Road Signs in Kenya

Road Signs in Kenya

Road signs in Kenya can go a long way in providing specific information and warnings about any potential dangers that could be up ahead. The primary purpose of traffic signs in Kenya is to prevent any potential accidents and protect people, not just in vehicles, but also on the footpaths. This is why road signs in Kenya need to be displayed in a prominent manner that gives drivers a significant window of time to respond to the command of each sign.

Stop Road Sign in Kenya

Stop Road Signs in Kenya

Stop signs are likely the most iconic of all traffic signs. Both the shape and color are important to how a stop sign is recognized and understood.
No other sign is of an octagon shape, and no other sign is red in color. This is done because of the importance a stop sign has on traffic safety.

Speed Limit Road Signs in Kenya

Speed Limit Signs

This is one of the reasons why the most common traffic signs you will come across are speed limit signs. Speed signs are primary indicators of the maximum amount of speed an individual needs to maintain in a specific stretch of road. This is crucial because if the individual speeds and ignores the speed limit signs, then they are likely to cause a collision with the vehicles in front of them, resulting in a significant loss of property and injury.

Pedestrian Crossing Ahead | Give Way Sign

Pedestrian Crossing & Give Way Signs

There are a few versions of pedestrian crossing signs that are posted near crosswalks and intersections. Give way signs are normally set up immediately by the location where, or from where, the specified give way rule applies.
Speed Limit Ends Sign

Road Signs In Kenya And Their Meaning 2021

The importancy of road signs is pretty self-explanatory. They restrict motorists from hitting one another, warn of impending hazards, and inform drivers and even pedestrians of the local regulation and laws.

Severe Bumps Ahead Signs in Kenya

Severe Bumps Ahead Signs

Both speed bumps and humps are useful to encourage safe driving in pedestrian zones. Though speed zones are often set up to encourage safe driving, posted limits can be missed or ignored, so traffic calming in these areas often incorporates physical design of the roadway or environment.

Categories Of Road Signs In Kenya

According to the National Transport and Safety Authority’s Highway code for all road users, there are four road sign categories. The list includes the two major road signs in Kenya.

These are classified according to what they indicate and possess unique imagery that is very easy for drivers to identify. What are the four categories of road signs and meanings?

  • Class A – Regulatory signs.
    Class B – Warning Signs.
    Class C – Traffic lights signals.
    Class D – Carriageway markings and Kerb Markings.

There is a reason for the creation and implementation of signage, and the most obvious is the protection and prevention of accidents. Therefore, it is integral for the public to learn more about the four categories of road signs in Kenya and their meanings to create a safe

warning road signs in kenya 2

road signage in kenya

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