Store Signs

Retail store signs determine how customers perceive your business. We offer a wide selection of custom shop signs with multiple illumination, dimension and mounting options. Choose your custom store signage to gain and retain customers today.

Custom Store Signs in Nairobi Kenya

Signage is directly related to business success in the retail industry as it relies heavily on foot traffic. While custom storefront signs invite customers in, interior shop signage affects their buying decisions.

Refmac Signs offers custom store signage for indoor and outdoor use. Our striking shop signs will bring your advertising campaigns to a new level of performance. From illuminated and hanging to non illuminated and wall mounted options, we offer a large selection of custom shop signs to satisfy your needs. Showcase any message from your brand name to special offers with indoor and outdoor store signage.

Outdoor Storefront Signs

All our custom storefront signs are made of premium materials that will impress viewers and withstand harsh weather conditions. Among them are aluminum, PVC, wood, acrylic, dibond and many others. For lighted storefront signs, we use energy-efficient LEDs to optimize cost and achieve a distinct glow.

Custom Channelium Signs

3D Acrylic Signs

Single Lettering 3D Signs


Rooftop 3D Signs

Backlit Silver Aluminium Signs

Acrylic 3D Signs

LED Frontlit Channelium Signs

LED Beauty Signs

Lit Storefront Letters


Besides showcasing your logo, displaying the shop name is another desirable use for storefront signage. Retail outdoor signs with channel letters provide 24/7 visibility for your shop. With custom illumination options, lighted retail store signs are a sound investment for every business. These business building signs pay off in no time by boosting customer flow and increasing sales.

Restaurant Signs in Kenya

3D Storefront Signs

Dimensional storefront signs are there to make your store pop out of the visual noise. The 3D signs for business will make customers return for your products and services time after time. These storefront signs are used for promotional as well as decorative purposes and come in several mounting options. 3D outdoor retail signs ensure that your business stays at the center of attention.

Retail Store Building Signs

Capture the attention of passersby and direct them to your store with alluring building wall signs. Building store signs are a guaranteed tool for all kinds of brick and mortar businesses to exude a trustworthy image and reputation. Whether you want to showcase the name of your mall or promote a campaign, outdoor building signage is an outstanding solution.

Store POP Stands & Displays

Point-of-purchase or POP stands, widely used as trade show displays, are also ideal inside stores for showcasing brand name products. From adhesive graphics to modern store signs with illumination, a range of custom shop signage is used alongside POP displays to make them more eye-catching.

Store Sneeze Screens

To create a safer environment, sneeze guards are a common feature in stores. In places like pastry shops, they serve as countertop displays to protect food from contamination and reduce viral infections. Adhesive graphics, engravings and printing are available for these custom store signs.

Charles Momanyi, Director @ Refmac Signs