Full-Service Branding Agency in Kenya that builds, strengthens, and nurture Brands.

Brand identities that aren’t just looks

Your brand is not just what you think it is. It is how the world knows it. We craft brands that the world has a hard time forgetting about. Our full suite of branding and identity services is armed to the teeth with the singular aim of making your brand visible to those who matter, in a way that drives results.

We love when our work
becomes your story

 Th1. We take pride in what we've done so far! Whether it is shaping up a startup or revamping an age old giant, we board the same boat and sail together to success

2. The first and the most important step of any branding project is to device the right positioning strategy. Unless the brand is conceived rightly, its expression would be vague and would not yield the desired results.

Thus at Refmac Signs, we take this as our prime responsibility in hitting it spot on, though enlightening discovery sessions facilitated by comprehensive interactive exercises. Thus resulting in best signages and world class branding

The output of these exercises is the real gold, for it establishes the very foundation of each and everything that follows.

3. Good things deserve attention. In the increasingly digital landscape, if you’re not in the front, then you’re last. With our well-thought, time-tested and bold digital marketing tactics, we take your brand to places where it can make the most impact.

Let's shape up
your brand!

1. Strategy
We understand your brand’s
Purpose, vision, values, audience,
Competition, persona etc. Through
In-depth discovery sessions to
Establish an apt positioning strategy

2. Branding
We give your brand an authentic
And iconic identity with a
Thoughtful name, a timeless logo,
Inviting product designs, and an
Extendible visual language.

3. Development
We make your brand interact
Consistently with your users by
Bringing your Websites and Apps
Into action through scalable Web

Your brand is so much more than a font

Good branding can set you apart from the crowd and bring your company's vision to life. So, what makes a strong brand, and how can branding services help you get there? A strong brand has a clear and unique message that's targeted to each segment of your audience. It also includes a consistent visual presentation – think colors, logos, fonts. Finally, a strong brand may evoke an emotion like Apple's innovation. If you're looking at this definition of a strong brand and are unsure how your company's brand stacks up, hire a branding agency. The right branding company helps you define and marketing your business brand to attract customers, retain talent, and emphasize shared values.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of our favourite marketing techniques! Our search engine optimization specialists use proven techniques to help clients reach the top of Google, and stay there.

We offer all-bases-covered SEO service packages, including on-site optimisation, content writing, link building & more. 


Wouldn’t it be great if your website appeared on the first page of results when people search on Google for something related to your business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing everything which affects your site’s ranking, and in turn improving the position of your site on Google & other search engines. SEO is known as “organic marketing” because you don’t need to pay to rank on Google. It does however take time to see results from SEO.

SEO can be overwhelming when you’re not used to it, so let us help you!

Let’s create something great!


The digital world is in a state of constant flux. In this volatile space, you must build a strong and steady brand image which also remains fresh and dynamic. Refmac Signs as your branding agency starts by understanding the market and your customers and takes a holistic approach towards building your brand. Our marketing plans are cohesive, transparent and effective.

Building up brand equity is a long-term process, and requires careful planning. We understand your vision and lay out a blueprint for achieving it. Every decision and action you undertake must be integral to your core objectives. Refmac Signs knows that a well-defined brand strategy is the key to the growth of your company, and will affect all aspects of it. Our team will work closely with you so that we figure out the right ways to engage with your customers that will not only help you achieve your goals but also guarantee customer satisfaction. This is what makes Refmac Signs one of the top branding agencies in Kenya, East & Central Africa.