• Building your dream

    Building your dream

    You have worked hard in your business, and our signage will work hard for you.

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  • Right Signage = Revenue Increment

    Right Signage = Revenue Increment

    Light up your business brand and stand out in the market.
    Here's the bottom line: if your sign isn't attractive, it won't do its job!

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  • Complete Sign Solutions

    Complete Sign Solutions

    Whether you need just one sign or a complete set, we have the tools, experience and knowledge to complete your project correctly, efficiently, and within budget

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  • Price Friendly & Quality Assured

    Price Friendly & Quality Assured

    We will match any other sign manufacturer warranties, if they are better than the product warranty that we offer.

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    Refmac Signs is a full-service sign company providing complete designproduction, and sign installation services in addition to sign maintenance and sign repair.

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  • High Quality Signage

    High Quality Signage

    Great signage attracts customers to your business

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  • Single 3D Lettering Signs

    Single 3D Lettering Signs

    Unbeatable Price!! Hurry now while the offer last

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  • Storefront 3D signages

    Storefront 3D signages

    Illuminate Your Storefront

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Signs | Signage Solutions

#1 SIGNAGE Company in Kenya, offering high-quality Signage Solutions and SIGN WRITING Services. Quality is our #1 Priority.

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Refmac Signs: Signage Company | Signwriters Nairobi Kenya | 3D Signage

Our Story

Since 2013, Refmac Signs has been crafting state-of-the-art signage for businesses in Nairobi and across Kenya, East & Central Africa. But our story goes well beyond that.

Our founders have extensive experience in the signage industry, skillfully crafting professional business signs & road signs in kenya, east and central africa. Our combined experience enables us to provide top-of-the-line signs to businesses of any size. Our comprehensive services range from design and manufacturing to permitting, installation and maintenance. Our sign making company takes pride in providing landmarks for businesses all across Kenya.

3d Lettering Signs by Refmac Signs

Not Just Better Signs, But Quality & Impressive Signage

We specialize in Designfabrication and installation of premium led signs for businesses, public areas, corporate buildings and transit amenities, including assistance with securing proper permits for placement and usage.
Best 3D Signs in Kenya

Great signage attracts customers to your business.

It's a key factor in a company's successful visual branding to its target consumers because the quality, prominence and aesthetic appeal of your sign determines the type of attention you will draw. The goal is to ensure that you enhance your chances of acquiring new businesses and increasing revenue with that first impression you deliver through your outdoor signage.

We are determined to provide the best options possible for those in need of 3D signages general signage, branding and visual solutions. From quality-guaranteed production to advice on materials or methods, Refmac combines knowledge, understanding and manufacturing ability to help take onboard project needs, budget and time frames. This reputation for service has allowed Refmac Signs to manufacture in-house and manage some of the largest and most exciting projects in the signage industry both locally and internationally over the last couple of years.

Signage Services That
You Can Trust

3D Lettering Signs in Kenya

3D Signs

If you’re looking to put your brand’s best face forward in a creative way, 3D dimensional letters are a great alternative to traditional signage

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Road Signs in Kenya

Our Kenyan road signs include direction arrow signs to indicate road direction ahead, alerting drivers of animals and cattle stock present on the road, as well as indicating special road rules in certain stretches.

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Full Service Sign Production

Refmac Signs is a one-stop sign company that provides every service required for branding and advertising signs. We help all types of businesses find signs that best suit their needs.

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LED Light Box Signs

light box sign is any lighted signboard fitted with LED lights . This is an integral form of advertisement capturing the passerby attention 24/7.


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What Our Clients Say

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Embedded in our culture of hard work, honesty, and quality

The Kenya's number one sign company - Trusted by more than 500,000 businesses & home owners.
#1 SIGNAGE Company in Kenya, offering high quality Signage Solutions and SIGN WRITING Services. we fabricate and install Interior and Exterior Signs. E.g. Safety Signs | Road Signs | 3D signage | LED Signs | Branding | Building Signage | Commercial Signage | Wayfinding and directory signage

Don't take it for granted

This industry is about feel, touch, smell, look, it's a touch and feel market, still is and always will be. that's why we are the leading signmaking company in Nairobi Kenya, East and Central Africa...

We do all signage

Whether you need new business signs or want to revamp old ones, you’re in the right place. There are no limits to our services - whatever you can imagine, our experts can craft. Our illustrious gallery is proof of our team’s expertise and sophisticated ability to create signs of any complexity.

Latest Case Studies

Light Up Your Business Brand and Stand Out in the Market!!

Here’s the bottom line: if your sign isn’t attractive, it won't do its job!  Your signs need to be profoundly creative, eye-catching and uniquely designed to attract target customers. One surefire way to realize this is to illuminate it. In this blog, I’ll illustrate what, why, and how to illuminate your signage. Let’s dive in.

One-stop Sign Company

Refmac Signs is a one-stop sign company that provides every service required for branding and advertising signs. We help all types of businesses find signs that best suit their needs.

Our Catalog

Our product catalog includes 30+ types of unique signage solutions that are constantly updated to keep up with industry-specific trends and requirements.

Latest Stories

This industry is about feel, touch, smell, look, it's a touch and feel market, still is and always will be. that's why we are the leading signmaking company in Nairobi Kenya, East and Central Africa...

3D Signage & Signwriters Nairobi

3D Signage | 3D Signs

Attractive, effective, and eye-catching, custom dimensional letters (3D), graphics, and signs are the perfect option for virtually any company that prefers to catch the eye of new potential patrons.

led 3d lettering signs in kenya

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs Custom acrylic signs add a touch of elegance to your business venue whether you use them for branding or decoration. Front Signs offers custom acrylic signs in Nairobi and nationwide. Get them in any size, dimension and style you desire. Custom Acrylic Signs in Kenya, East &...

3D Business Signage

Attractive Exterior Signs for Business

Refmac Signs is your single destination in Kenya, East and Central Africa for all your outdoor signage solutions, creating impactful and attractive signs for businesses, organizations, political groups, shopping centres, and more...

professional standard assembly point signs

What is signage?

What is Signage? Signage is a collective use of a graphic display such as 3d signage with the intent to relay information to the audience at the right and appropriate time.

LED Light box Signs by Refmac Signs

What is a Light Box Sign & its benefits?

A light box is any lighted signboard fitted with LED lights with graphical artistic demonstrating to the public all about the said organization. This is an integral form of advertisement capturing the passerby's attention 24/7. Once it is incorporated, it becomes very phenomenal in increasing...

Car Branding Services in Nairobi Kenya

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle decals/branding are not only among the most creative ways of getting your business message across such as 3d signage;

Our Services.
Large Format Printing
Get world class graphics printed with special UV-cured inks that retain their clear colors for a long period of time, rain or shine. Our sign company provides custom printing services for soft to rigid signage materials. Whether you’re looking for logo signs, banners, decals, canvas prints or else, we can print them with the highest quality attainable.
Signage Repair
Apart from being a signage manufacturer, we provide maintenance services as well. Whether you have an old sign that requires fixing or you’re looking for a replacement, we’ll help you out. Our professional experts will give new life to your wornout signs by upgrading them to modern standards, and underlying issues they may have.
Pylon Signs
Pylon signs by Refmac Signs stand taller than other sign options. We offer premium quality plaza signs and operate locally in Nairobi as well as across Kenya and other neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan in East Africa. Pylon signs can stand high above a business building on poles unlike monument signs which are shorter ground signs usually constructed of wood or masonry.
Real Estate Signage
Are you looking for an attractive, impactful way to advertise a home, business, or land for sale? Refmac Signs will craft the perfect real estate signs to help you attract more buyers and sellers.
Any world class real estate entity, requires the best signage to survive in the extensive competition
Salon & Spa
Beauty salon and spa signs are powerful tools for the design, advertisement and branding of your business. Spa signs in a range of styles enhance the satisfaction of your clientele and bring prospects to your facility. Leverage our extensive experience to put up the best led sign for your shop
Office Signs

Craft your workspace with custom office signs. Available in a range of materials and shapes, office signs will help you achieve stellar interior and exterior design for your company.

Office signage helps you build up your brand. It provides information to your customers, guests and staff.

Vehicle Branding
Being one of the reputed companies, we are offering a wide range of Car Branding Advertising services to our precious clients in Nairobi Kenya as well as country-wide. Our professionals work hard to provide this advertising service within the promised period. Offered advertising services are highly required for their perfection and reliability.
Aluminium Signs
Aluminium signs, also called metal signs, are the most durable medium in the signage industry. Their versatile and non-corrosive properties make them an ideal choice for informative as well as promotional purposes. Aluminum signs are strong, lightweight and affordable. They’re customizable, high-performance and ecologically responsible.
Wooden Signs
Wooden signs are a charming sign type used for branding and decor. Custom wood signs grant originality, warmth and a cosy feel to any space. They have a rustic appearance and can be tailor-made to match your unique taste.
Acrylic Signs
Custom acrylic signs add a touch of elegance to your business venue whether you use them for branding or decoration. Refmac Signs offers custom acrylic signs in Nairobi and nationwide. Get them in any size, dimension and style you desire.
PVC Signs
Custom PVC signs are a sound investment into your branding strategy. They offer a range of advantages including light weight, durability, versatility and a great printing surface. Custom styrene signs are also available and provide additional material flexibility.
Restaurant Signs

We offer a large selection of custom restaurant signs made of the best materials available. Here, you can find everything you need for restaurant branding in the Nairobi area as well as all in Kenya, East and Central Africa.

Permits | City Licenses
The installation of most outdoor and certain indoor signage requires permitting from the local municipality. Our sign company is here to take care of all the tedious paperwork necessary for obtaining sign permits for installation anywhere across the country. We’ll make the calls, fill out the forms and cover the application fees with your approval so you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.
Bank Signage
Bank signage is vital to a successful branding strategy. We offer tailor-made bank signage for banks and financial institutions to help you make an impact in the industry, establish authority and earn a reliable reputation among clients.
Channel Letters

Luminous channel letters will help you attract customers 24/7. Set your business apart by displaying your logo, name, 3d signs and other information indoors and outdoors. Outshine the competition with illuminated channel letters.

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