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Each business knows the value of great visibility, and what better way to get noticed by potential customers than with a good pylon sign right outside your doorstep? Hence, it is of great importance to work with a professional signage manufacturers

Pylon Signage

we know the importance of investing in visibility, and this is why we specialize in delivering high-quality pylon signs tailored to suit your business identity and your budget.
Pole Signage in Nairobi Kenya

Pole Sign

We deliver highly effective pole signs that fulfill their purposes: they instantly and clearly introduce your brand to passersby and motorists, then leading them to your store
Directional Wayfinding Pylon Sign

Pylon Directional Signs

We know pylon signs aren’t just for attraction purposes. They must also serve as directional signs so that potential customers will know where to go in order to check your business out.
Wayfinding Pylon Signs Kenya

Wayfinding Pylon Signs

Wayfinding signs are silent heroes when it comes to giving clients and customers satisfaction and convenience in a facility. We all have experienced the frustration of not knowing where you’re supposed to go.

Tenants Pylon Sign

They are often used as tenant signs, indicating all of the businesses located within a shopping center or business park.


Petrol/Gas Station Pylon

We deliver highly effective Gas sins or petrol pylon signs that fulfill their purposes: they instantly and clearly introduce your brand to passersby and motorists.
pylon signage in kenya

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