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Bank Signage

Bank signage is vital to a successful branding strategy. We offer tailor-made signs for banks and financial institutions to help you make an impact in the industry, establish authority and earn a reliable reputation among clients.

Custom Bank Signs in Nairobi Kenya

Trustworthiness lies at the core of success in the financial industry. Expertly selected, designed and manufactured bank signs will help you create the right brand image and attract as well as retain loyal customers.

Refmac Signs is a Kenya-based sign making company with extensive experience in the industry. We’ve crafted high-quality and effective signage for many financial institutions. Our indoor and outdoor bank signs as well as ATM signage help to boost your brand image and gain trust in the business. We tailor business signs that reflect the services you provide and the reputation you strive to promote among your customers.

Bank Signage Types

There’s an assortment of sign types that are ideal for the banking industry. Our sign manufacturing process takes purpose, illumination, dimensions and much more into consideration. We’ll help you get creative while maintaining a professional appearance when it comes to bank signs. We provide fully tailored solutions for custom signs. Below are the main types of bank signage we get requests for.

Custom Channelium Signs

3D Acrylic Signs

Single Lettering 3D Signs


Rooftop 3D Signs

Backlit Silver Aluminium Signs

Acrylic 3D Signs

LED Frontlit Channelium Signs

LED Beauty Signs

3D Bank Signs

3D signs are widely used for both indoor and outdoor applications. They add visibility to your message, familiarize your audience with the company name and attract prospective clients. Dimensional bank signs are perfect for displaying your logo, bank name and other vital information. We provide multiple mounting options to serve different corporate needs.
Restaurant Signs in Kenya

Light Up Bank Signs

Light up signs capture attention for your brand 24/7. Different material and illumination options allow you to get a bank signage design consistent with your brand image. We use eco-friendly and energy-efficient LED technology which requires little maintenance. Combined with translucent acrylic, the result is even lighting and a sophisticated aesthetic.

Nameplates & Plaques

Nameplates and plaques are used in every financial institution to help customers navigate towards their service agents. These financial office signs can be made of various materials. Acrylic signs are widely used as door plaques while aluminum signs can be seen on desks with names and titles of representatives.

Bank Graphics & Stands

Larger stands and graphics are used in banks for decorative, informational and promotional purposes. Custom decals can also be applied to walls, windows, floors and other smooth surfaces. Stands can be used in various indoor and outdoor premises to promote your brand and provide vital information to customers.

Bank Desk Screens

Sneeze guards have wide usage in the service industry, including financial institutions. They provide a safer atmosphere for both clients and employees. Custom prints and graphics can be applied to the screens to utilize free space for branding. They’re mainly made of clear plastic to provide perfect visibility.

Charles Momanyi, Director @ Refmac Signs