Best Signboard Signs in Kenya by Refmac Signs

Refmac Signs is a dedicated team of professionals including Designers, Fabricators, Technicians, and Installers who work in a 24/7 Manufacturing Facility at a Local/ National Sign Company Based in Nairobi, Kenya. In Addition, We have been in business for 15 Years and have a proven track record of Success with Quality Projects that include Illuminated signs, Banners, Channel Letters, Direction Sign Board, Green Solutions, Digital Signage, Interior Signage, Architectural Design, 3D Sign Board, Advertising Boards, Safety Sign Board, Acrylic Signage Boards, LED Sign Board, etc. With quality service and competitive rates.

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Sign Boards that we provide

Refmac Signs is a Complete Signage Branding Solution Company with, a first-class objective for all your sign-marking needs. You can peruse the grouping of predefined presets for your sign board (3D Sign Board) or call us and we will make a custom solicitation for you or your business to make it stand apart from the group.

Our Processes of Making the Best Signboard

In conclusion, the signage process usually begins with a consultation with your sign company. They’ll ask you about your communication goals, branding considerations, intended application and likes and dislikes as well as your budget and timing parameters. A good representative will visit your location to assess sightlines, take measurements and determine electrical sources if an illuminated sign is what you have in mind.