Restaurant Signs

State-of-the-art restaurant signs to boost your business to the top. Wide variety of custom restaurant signs made of premium materials for indoor and outdoor branding.

Premium Restaurant Signs for Indoor and Outdoor Branding in Nairobi Kenya

If you run a restaurant business and want to maximize brand recognition then you’re in the right place. Striking signage is an essential part of any restaurant.

We offer a large selection of custom restaurant signs made of the best materials available. Here, you can find everything you need for restaurant branding in the Nairobi area as well as all in Kenya, East and Central Africa.

Restaurant signs are the perfect solution for making your company stand out among competitors. For establishing an effective brand identity, you need a professional sign that boldly represents your unique character.

Outdoor Storefront Signs

Outdoor restaurant signs provide a signature look for your image, making it memorable and easily recognizable. Make your restaurant the first choice for customers with attractive logo signs that stay at the forefront of attention.

We provide a host of sign manufacturing services which include a wide range of custom restaurant signs from restaurant window graphics to LED restaurant signs. Whether you need grand opening event signs or decorative restaurant signs, you can find them all here.

Being a full-service signage company, we offer comprehensive services related to indoor and outdoor restaurant signs, from design to installation. We have the expertise to design and manufacture first-rate outdoor restaurant signs that will take your company advertising to a new level.

Already know what type of restaurant sign you need? Get an instant quote or get in touch with us to start working on your project.

Custom Channelium Signs

3D Acrylic Signs

Single Lettering 3D Signs


Rooftop 3D Signs

Backlit Silver Aluminium Signs

Acrylic 3D Signs

LED Frontlit Channelium Signs

LED Beauty Signs

Illuminated Restaurant Signs

If your restaurant operates 24/7 then an illuminated sign is the best solution for effective brand promotion. Restaurant lighted signs attract customers day and night. Modern restaurant signs are illuminated with cost-effective LED lights that provide a clear glow. We offer a large selection of light up signs for business from light box signs to reverse channel letters. You can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Illuminated menu boards for restaurants are a perfect tool for interior as well as exterior branding. Restaurant menu boards come in different configurations from wall mounted to free standing. You can get illuminated arrow signs to make your establishment visible from any distance at night. Our lighted signs are ULC certified to be in compliance with safety regulations


Restaurant Signs in Kenya

Outdoor Restaurant Signs

Exterior branding is the most noticeable aspect of restaurant promotion so it’s vital to make it as eye-catching as possible. Outdoor restaurant signs play a prominent role in your business success. Your signage is how the public gets to know your brand. Display the name and logo of your restaurant with attractive lettering, pylon signs or lighted boxes.

Get attractive window decals to reel in customers with mouthwatering graphics. Outdoor restaurant menu boards are a great tool for restaurant promotion and attracting clients in the area. With large format printing you can get any graphics printed for your displays.

Drive-through restaurants can get backlit menu boards with interchangeable graphics to easily add on new items or replace existing ones. Outdoor restaurant signs help customers to immediately spot and recognize your brand. With attractive outdoor restaurant signs, your place won’t get lost amid dull architecture.

Restaurant Interior Branding Signs

The inner appearance of the restaurant is as important as the exterior. Luckily, Refmac Signs offers a wide variety of custom signage solutions for restaurant branding. Indoor restaurant signs can serve two purposes: decorative and promotional. 

For decoration, you can choose custom decals with modern graphics that match your brand. As for promotional purposes, you can get 3D signs with your brand name, motto and the like. You can also promote new menu items with sandwich boards, banners or stand signs. Restaurant menu signs are popular for indoor branding as well. You can get backlit, hanging or free standing menu boards fully customized to your liking. 

Don’t forget about safety. Equip your restaurant with warning signs to ensure the safety of your employees and guests. During the pandemic, safety measures should be reinforced. For that purpose, we offer sneeze guards that can be used as lobby signs and placed between tables in the restaurant to uphold safety standards.

Non-Illuminated Restaurant Signs

Apart from a large selection of illuminated restaurant signs, we also offer non-lit restaurant signs. Usually, non-lit signs are used for indoor restaurant branding. Among such signs are 3D letters, custom decals, acrylic signs and so on. Custom restaurant signs can be used for promotional as well as decorative purposes to spruce up overall design. 

Restaurant window signs are perfect for indoor as well as outdoor promotions. The attractive graphics can grab customer attention without the need for illumination. Custom restaurant signs can be hanging, wall mounted or free standing to best suit your business. Non-lit commercial restaurant signs are an effective tool to advertise your brand during the daytime.

Store Sneeze Screens

To create a safer environment, sneeze guards are a common feature in stores. In places like pastry shops, they serve as countertop displays to protect food from contamination and reduce viral infections. Adhesive graphics, engravings and printing are available for these custom store signs.

Charles Momanyi, Director @ Refmac Signs