Pole Signs provide huge business visibility.

 Have you seen those huge restaurant, store and gas stations signs found along the interstate that let you know about food, supplies, and gas in the vicinity?

Well, those are POLE SIGNS
Not many things that can attract customers to a business like a custom pole sign that basically acts as a beacon for people to know you are there and open to offer products and services. If you are thinking of getting some form of a free-standing sign to attract customers to your business, then a pole sign is definitely what you need.

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(Pylon Signs by Refmac Signs)

Refmac Signs is the leading local producer and installer of pole signs. With a dedicated team of sign makers and installers, we offer a fast and precise creation process for your business pole sign. Our fast and friendly customer care makes it easy for you to get the perfect pole sign for your business.

Illuminated Pole Signs

Made by erecting a pole and hoisting a giant sign high in the air, lighted or illuminated pole signs are excellent for businesses that stay open late into the night. Going up 20 feet or more, you can easily catch the attention of weary travelers and motorists to your establishment from miles away. Think of how moths always cluster around a flame.
These durable and attractive signs may seem like a big investment but when you consider the number of customers who will be drawn to your establishment, you quickly notice that the return on investment is guaranteed.

illuminated pylon signs


Tenant and Pylon Signs

Just like Pole Signs, Tenant and Pylon Signs also go up high up into the air but they typically feature more information or details about the business or facility being promoted. While most Pylon signs are actually shorter than typical Pole Signs, they are made using heavier materials and have a wide, dual base support structure as opposed to a single pole support structure.

Tenant Signs are a special type of Pylon Sign that is used to promote different business establishment located in one center or facility or complex. The signs can be used in shopping centers, open-air malls, and business parks. Still not convinced this is what you need? Well, we can help you decide on the perfect mix of signs for your business.

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