3D Acrylic Signboard by Refmac Signs

Acrylic signs are ideal for businesses that want to exude a sophisticated and modern appeal. Made of colourless, transparent, and durable polymer, an acrylic sign can also serve as a lighter, cheaper alternative to traditional glass signs.

With acrylic signs custom-designed and professionally made by Refmac Signs, you can give your establishment the fresh, sleek look that speaks your brand. We have acrylic signs that can meet countless business sign needs. You can have acrylic menu boards, room IDs, wayfinding signs, product displays, directional signs, POP signs, hanging signs, lobby signs, and many more!

Versatility is one of an acrylic sign’s best features, but it could also mean you’d have a hard time looking for the type of sign to best suit your exact needs. As a full-service sign company that specializes in high-quality acrylic signs, Refmac Signs is here to help. Our experienced signage specialists can look into what you’re looking for, what your budget is, and which acrylic sign type can give you what you’re expecting to get.

3D Acrylic Signboard by Refmac Signs
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