Refmac Signs can create custom signs that promote your event or business in an exciting, one-of-a-kind way.

All of our custom sign services include a Free Consultation with one of our Sign Specialists. During this consultation, you will discuss your signage ideas, brainstorm options, and come up with a plan to produce the high-quality and attractive elements needed to turn your idea into reality.

Specialty Custom Signage

We love the challenge of creating something truly different for our clients. Problem-solving is one of our strengths, and we find custom specialty sign design and creation to be one of the most rewarding parts of the sign business. Listening to your unique ideas, coming up with creative solutions, and turning those solutions into a piece of functional art is a source of pride for us. We dare you to challenge our staff with your creative custom signage needs!

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Versatile Cut Vinyl Graphics

Updating and personalizing existing signage, props, windows, and displays is one of our most common requests for custom sign creation. Durable cut vinyl graphics and lettering are extremely versatile and can be used to add your logo, tagline, or other text or graphic elements to virtually any flat surface, including on top of existing signs or banners. This makes customization quick, easy, and within budget!

3D Letterings

3d acrylic signs

Single LEd lettering signs.

Fence 3D lettering signs

3d fence signs

The signage is erected a long the fence after mounted on a mild steel frame.

Dimensional Letter Sign

3d lettering

Can be made from acrylic, acp, and aluminium profiles.

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