Canopy signs are a unique, eye-catching way to display your business name and brand while protecting guests and your storefront from the elements.

Awning signs can be produced using various materials, but are commonly created using a stretched canvas that provides an overhang to your business’s entrance or windows and typically has your business information printed directly onto the canvas. This can include your logo, name, or any brand information you desire!


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Canopy Tents

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Canopy tents are a popular sight especially in outdoor events; and because they’re a common thing to see around, we often forget to ask why they never seem to go out of style. One reason why canopy tents are a popular accessory during events is that they are designed to be both promotional and functional…and they get the job done really well.

Canopy tents make excellent advertising tools because they literally stand out from the crowd. They are tall, visible, attractive, and have all that canopy space for the perfect promotional design. Quality canopy tents can effectively catch the attention of your target market and direct them toward your exhibit, stall, kiosk, etc. and generate customer footfall.

The functional side of canopy tents is pretty obvious. They give visitors and customers shade from the outdoors and give them the freedom to look around your display and check out what you have to offer.

Pop-Up Canopy Tents


Pop-up canopy tents are ideal for more short-term, more temporary usage. Just like frame tents, they don’t rely much on center poles. They also come in smaller sizes compared to the frame tents.

Because they were designed for more temporary usage, pop-up canopy tents are collapsible and are quite convenient to bring around and transport.. Easy to set up, move around, and takedown, pop-up canopy tents are a great option for markets, small booths, and small exhibits.


pop up canopy tents

Refmac Signs creates pop-up canopies that are not only great for transporting and short-term use, we also make sure that they’re long-lasting. We source out the best materials from our network of suppliers in order to ensure the tents are both lightweight and durable. Our pop-up canopy tent frames can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, and steel, while our tent fabrics are made of quality polyester.


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