Bright LED Lighted Storefront Signs

Very few businesses operate only when the sun shines brightly. If you are one of those businesses that need to attract customers regardless of the weather condition, lighted signs are an ideal solution!

Refmac Signs crafts various lighted sign options, including illuminated channel letters, backlit dimensional letters, cabinet signs, digital displays and message boards. Do you love the retro neon look, but not the cost associated with maintaining or repairing neon? LED signs not only mimic neon but do so at a fraction of the cost while consuming less energy and producing less waste!

Traditional neon signs may be appealing in look and feel, however, maintenance and repair can be quite costly, to say the least. Modern technology has delivered a new and better way to produce lighted signs that are similar to a neon sign but with a longer lifespan and maintenance cost that is more economical.

Lighted LED Signs

The neon look can be replicated with the use of high-efficiency, low-energy LED bulbs. The common retro vibe will still be there only with a more environmentally friendly footprint. If you would rather have a different look, LED backlighting can be added to many different sign types, including channel letter storefront signs and cabinet signs. For businesses such as nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and theatres, lighted signs will make your establishment noticeable in the dark, perfect for businesses that are open late. Our LED signs are available in a wide variety of colours, styles, and animation options.

Storefront LED Lit Signs