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Safety Signs are key in any work place. The elementary significance of displaying Safety Signs is to prevent injury and ensure staff and visitors are well aware of the possible dangers and hazards ahead in certain situations and/or environments.

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Safety Signs

Do you work with heavy machinery, in an industry that utilizes industrial vehicles, or just want to make sure that those who visit your facility are aware of potential slip, trip or fall areas? Refmac  Signs is here to help you ensure your guests and employees are safe while in your facility!

Everywhere we go in our day-to-day lives is full of potential hazards or dangers, how we keep ourselves and others safe can depend on where those dangers are found. Whether you own an industrial complex, a fleet of trucks that transport hazardous materials, or work as a cleaning company, the signs you utilize to inform others of potential hazards is important.

Fire Assembly Point Signs in Kenya

More than meets the eye

Poorly crafted signs, signs in disrepair, or low visibility signs, will fail to adequately inform people of the potential hazards they may come in contact with.
Construction Signs in Kenya

Mandatory Signs

Safety signs and messages are only effective and compliant if positioned correctly and are large enough to view without straining the eyes. Public spaces and your workplace is made safer with appropriate safety signage.

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Danger Signs Kenya in Kenya

Danger Signs

One of the world's leading hospitals providing safe & compassionate care at its best for everyone.

A-Stand Safety Signs

A-Stand Safety Signs

It is essential that the signage you use is attractive and eye-catching, as it will ensure that your guests and employees stop and take notice of the potential hazards they are about to come into contact with, rather than pass by putting themselves and others in danger.

Mandatory Safety Signs in Kenya

Mandatory Signs

Safety signs are designed to remind and educate those who work or come in contact with industrial equipment, that there are potential hazards associated with that piece of equipment.

Covid-19 Signs dealers in kenya

Covid-19 Signs

It is important that you have signs and posters around the workplace to remind workers and others of the risks of COVID-19 and the measures that are necessary to stop its spread. This includes posters on what is COVID-19 and how you can stop it spreading, how to wash your hands and the physical distancing requirements.

Fire Alarm Signs

Fire Alarm Signs

You can warn people of potential dangers, hazards, prohibit unwanted behavior, encourage hygiene, direct instructions, equip your truck with vehicle signage and more.

No Smoking Signs in Kenya

No Smoking & Other Signs

knows you want to keep your guests and employees safe. Our goal is to help you do that and more. Our experienced graphic designers have worked with various industries and understand how to create the type of signage you need to help keep your guests and employees safe.

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3D Signage | 3D Signs

Attractive, effective, and eye-catching, custom dimensional letters (3D), graphics, and signs are the perfect option for virtually any company that prefers to catch the eye of new potential patrons. Dimensional letters, regularly described as raised letters or 3D letters, are custom text or...

Attractive Exterior Signs for Business

Refmac Signs is your single destination in Kenya, East and Central Africa for all of your outdoor signage solutions, creating impactful and attractive signs for businesses, organizations, political groups, shopping centers, and more.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Canopy Signs are ideal for businesses such as boutiques, salons, and shopping centers. A canopy or awning sign consists of stretched canvas with your logo and/or business name printed directly onto the fabric in your choice of color, font, size, and style.

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