Refmac Signs brings the signage services you need and the convenience you want, right to your doorstep.

Refmac has the equipment and personnel to handle any installation. We complete everything from single locations to national rebranding programs.

Bank changeovers encompassing hundreds of locations, huge letters near the top of metropolitan skyscrapers, installations in the heart of Nairobi, East and Central Africa and more.

We do stadiums and convention centres, arenas and office buildings, hospitals and retail stores, single locations, and national programs.

We have our own machines, specialized installation trucks and trailers and many other pieces of equipment. Service Trucks, Vans, Trailers, Swing stages, Snorkel lifts, Articulating lifts; but most of all we have experience and know-how.

The most difficult installations are easy when you can call upon past job experience and how they were completed.

Besides our own personnel, we know who is good at sign installation around the country and have a network of relationships with local sign install firms throughout Kenya. As a national sign company, we can call on them to help make sure your project is installed right, regardless of where it is. We make pragmatic decisions about which jobs to travel for, which jobs have to be handled by a network installer, and which requires both. This same group works to keep all signs lit years after install. Refmac makes all types of signs and digital graphics. Visit our portfolio page to see some examples.

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Stand-alone signage are such dynamic significant advertising signs,

commonly used in industrial & retail business needs Paramount uses of these type of signage include roadside signage for shopping centres, industrial and for different types of businesses with various units represented in the form of pylon signs, posts and panel signs. They are actually referred as exterior or outdoor signage and the are very key in helping increase brand awareness campaign and are either permanently or temporally installed to the ground service.

For a well-developed marketing plan, it’s extremely significant to include a strategy to make sure people know where your business lives. When it comes to signage, freestanding options give you maximum impact, making a big statement about your company’s presence and maximising visibility to passing traffic and pedestrians.

Freestanding signs highlights

1. Monument Signs

 By simply using monument signs can increase revenue by up to 15.5%! Standing out to passing traffic and can greatly make a vast difference to your business being found and remembered.

Monument signs are made from concrete and hardscape materials, metal cabinets with routed lettering and backlighting, armoured foam with stucco finish and dimensional letters, and perspex faced sign cabinets with digitally printed signs.

1. Pylon Signs

Using pylon signs is a great fundamental way to promote your business. With maximum road front exposure. Making you easy to find and helping you promote your products and services to passing traffic.

The supporting structure will be manufactured out of steel and can be mounted on reinforced concrete footings. The sign may be subject to an engineer's specification and planning approval from the council. Your Refmac Signs consultant can advise and assist you with these statutory requirements..

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