LED signs are fast becoming the most common answer for attractive and cost-efective signage.
The LED (light-emitting diode) is a small electronic semiconductor that converts electric energy into visible light. Due to their low power consumption and durability, LEDs have become a popular illuminated signage option, deliver ing long-term cost savings. The efficiency of LED reduces the need for ongoing maintenance and labour – some LED signs running ten hours a day can produce bright and stable light for more than ten years!

We use a wide variety of materials including:

a) Acrylic
–Also known as perspex, acrylic comes in many thicknesses and colours, including clear acrylic. It can be used in a range of applications, both internally and externally. Great for lightbox faces (opal), 3D lettering, channel and fabricated lettering to get different light diusion effects.

b) Aluminium
– Aluminium can be powder coated with high quality, baked-on high-gloss enamel for a premium finish. Sheets vary in thickness Ideal for small to medium size indoor and outdoor signage.

c) Composite Panels (ACP)

– Aluminium composite panels are a relatively new sign making product. It is lightweight, yet strong, and will not warp, rot, or rust. Its unique core does not swell, absorb water, or corrode from the inside. Great for custom-cut graphics for daytime and outdoor applications.

d) Flex Face

– A PVC banner material, used for larger illuminated sign boxes where a continuous, joint-free surface is required and acrylic sheeting is not a suitable option. Best for wind resistance.

The impact on the environment is also reduced. LEDs contain no lead, mercury, or glass, allowing for easier disposal. For any business looking to obtain a “greener” image, LEDs are an environmentally friendly alternative to other forms of lighting. At Refmac, we oer manufacturing, design and instal lat ion to suit all your LED signage needs

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