At Refmac Signs, we are proud to allow you have a job unlike any other you have ever had.You will be challenged and as well inspired and the end you will be proud.Whatever your job is at Refmac, you are always a part of something big.

Available Jobs!!!!

 Refmac Signs is a Kenyan company that has been in operation since 2013 steadily growing to be at the forefront of signage manufacturing. It is through the strength of
our products that we have become market leaders in the signage industry in Kenya and the region.Due to continued growth, Refmac Signs is seeking qualified Kenyan
candidates for the following positions:

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1) a Project Coordinator
who will be in charge of organizing our ongoing projects. This position involves providing support to project
monitoring and control (PMC) activities and supporting all the stakeholder management activities.


>>Maintaining and monitoring project plans, project schedules, resource activities, sprint activities
>>Organizing, attending and participating in stakeholder meetings
>>Documenting and following up on important actions and decisions from meetings
>>Preparing necessary presentation materials for meetings
>>Providing administrative support as needed
>>Undertaking project tasks as required
>>Ensuring projects adhere to frameworks and maintain all documentation as appropriate
>>Provide support to assess project risks, issues and escalations


>>Bachelor Degree from an accredited institution or university in the related field of study
>>Highly organized with strong verbal, written and presentation skills
>>Strong interpersonal skills with an ability to interact with the executive level of external and internal clients
>>Organizational skills with the ability to identify and manage priorities
>>Ability to multi-task and work both in a team and independently

2) Graphic Design
Ideally, you will have worked in the signs industry for a 2 years covering a full range of skills and
experience such as:

>>The ability to interpret briefs accurately and a strong understanding of signage and manufacturing techniques
>>Visit clients to carry out surveys and document information ready to progress to quotation
Good attention to detail
>>Design skills using industry standard design software such as Adobe programes and CorelDrawl
>>Be able to complete quotes independently or communicate information to others to provide quotes
>>Manage workflow using plotters and large format printers
>>Be proficient in the application of vinyl onto a variety of substrates including vehicles
>>An effective communicator to work within a small team
>>Complete paperwork to high standards ready to be passed on for invoicing
>>Credentials accreditations desired
>>Driving licence essential

               Your working hours
>>This is a full-time position working normal office hours but will need to be flexible to work outside
of these hours when required.

3) Welder
Ideally, you will have worked in the welding industry for atleast 2 years covering a full range of skills and experience such as:

>> basic arc and gas welding,
>>Metal cutting,
>>Marking out work pieces and cleaning of work place
>>Read blueprints, drawings and take or read measurements to plan layout and procedures.
>>Test and inspect welded surfaces and structure to discover flaws
>>Determine the appropriate welding equipment or method based on requirements.

>>Maintain equipment in a condition that does not compromise health and safety
>>Monitor work environment for hazards and maintains healthy ventilation levels to avoid particle or gas inhalation
>>Repair machinery and other components by welding pieces and filling gaps.


>>Must have at least 2 years’ experience in an industrial environment
Experience using a variety of welding equipment and procedures.
>>Ability to read and interpret technical documents and drawings
>>Knowledge of relative safety standards and willingness to use protective clothing (face shield, gloves etc.)
>>Knowledge of welding techniques.
>>Must have high attention to detail
>>Must be Proficient in English

Successful applicants will be enthusiastic, able to work on their own initiative, flexible, a great team player, well organised and have an understanding of the importance
of health and safety.

Please click here to download our job application form. You may fill it out and send to us by mail or email a scanned copy.

Unless advertised here and other social platforms, we currently do not have any vacant positions but shall post any position here as soon as it's available.

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