Top 4 Signs to Aid Manufacturing Facilities Maximize Workflow

April 09, 2019 by Charles Momanyi

Countless businesses in the manufacturing sector, such as manufacturing facilities, factories or warehouses will function as part of a longer supply chain, where their contribution will be inherent to the delivery of the final merchandise to the end customer.

If at any point in the supply chain there is a delay in production or delivery, it could result in guarantees not being kept to customers, which could impact heavily on brand reputation, perceived trust and a potential loss of clients.

The use of signs and graphics in these facilities can go a long way to help maximize workflow and keep operations running efficiently. Discover four kinds of signage that will have an impact:



Health and Safety Signage

In any workshop the workforce is the most imperative resource and asset, keeping your staff safe is of paramount magnitude! Having up-to-date, clear and well - maintained safety signage helps to protect staff by providing information that tells them how to behave when in certain vicinities.

Directional Signage

Manufacturing amenities often cover very substantial surface areas and have many departments, including administration offices, shop floors, assembly blocks and loading bays. Having effectual directional and wayfinding signage, such as area identification signs, static maps and directories or digital kiosks dedicated to providing wayfinding information can help keep staff and visitors heading in the right direction.

Decals and Labels

Decals and labels stick to just about anything, they can be used to identify areas that goods or products should be placed in at each part of the manufacturing process. They can be used as floor graphics that can be strategically placed to highlight prescribed walkways or even on packaging in order to brand boxes when goods are ready for dispatch.
directional post signs

Production Boards

Communication of a project’s status is of great magnitude in any industrial setting, project boards help to keep staff in the know at all times. These boards provide key information about which parts of a job has been completed, informs on what is yet to be done and delivers any additional information staff may require to compete for the job to the customer's specification.

Without project boards that are consistently updated, work could be carried out multiple times, steps missed or not completed to the customers’ request, all of which wastes time, money and materials.

If you require signs and graphics that help maximize workflow, REFMAC SIGNS are more than ready to help.

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