Acrylic is a hard durable plastic-type product that is very…

Acrylic is a hard durable plastic-type product that is very commonly used in sign applications. Acrylic has a smooth surface and is easy to cut, bend and paint, making it perfect for the world of signs.

Acrylic comes standard from 3mm thick all the way up to 30mm thick and comes in a range of colours. We at Refmac fabricate acrylic in order to make it thicker or even join two pieces together.

There are a number of different options of how you can use acrylic in your office. Here are few ideas using acrylic to create signage in your office.

1. Using a clear square or rectangular piece of acrylic 4.5mm or 6mm thick, you can put your logo to the inside of the clear acrylic and then mount the panel off the wall using 4 pins (one for each corner) these are very common for reception areas and are extremely cost-effective. The advantages of this type of sign is that if your logo changes you don't need to throw the sign away, you can simply peel off the vinyl off the inside of the acrylic, and put your new vinyl logo up and re-fix your panel to the wall. The sign you see below is backed up in frosting which means that once the logo is placed to the inside of the clear acrylic, then another layer of cloudy frosting film is applied behind the logo, this means you can not see the wall through the panel.

 2. Individual acrylic letters can be applied directly to a wall in your office. You can either do this on a feature wall or depending on your logo it can also be done as a reception sign. Logos that are too intricate are best not done this way as the machinery used to cut acrylic often does not cut as fine as your logo may be and the end result can be rounded edges. individual letters look great as they can be sprayed to match any PMS colour you like and can also be up to 30mm thick so really stand out off the wall and create that "wow" factor, more so than a flat-looking acrylic panel as mentioned in option 1. This option is not always viable though as mentioned so it is best to check with your company name and logo.

3. Layering acrylic provides an outstanding 3D effect that can be used as a reception sign to really stand out amongst other signs. By layered we mean multiple pieces and colours of acrylic, one on top of the other. These signage are called 3d Acrylic Signage as the end result gives different dimensions to your sign, a common configuration would be to make your logo out of 6mm thick acrylic, with your company name 12 or 20mm thick so that stand out from both the wall and also from the logo.

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