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How to Communicate and Reinforce Company Culture with Signs and Signage

Mar 26, 2019 by Charles Momanyi

Imagine having a place to work that provides a great environment for employees to create amazing output because they are on the same page.

Wayfinding Signage should be the Optimum Blend of Pragmatic Logic and Creativity

March 25, 2019, by Charles Momanyi

The definition of pragmatic is dealing with things sensibly and realistically, versus the definition of creative, using imagination or originality to create something new.

Have A Phenominal Experience With Directional and Wayfinding Solution

March 24, 2019 by Charles Momanyi

Finding your way isn’t always as easy as it seems. Nobody enjoys being lost and if there are time pressures added, navigating a new place can be extremely stressful.


Use Signage to Communicate and Say Thank You to Your Staff

Jun 24, 2019 by Charles Momanyi

Everyone loves a workplace environment that values the time and effort their staff give to their job roles everyday, however, when working at the coalface sometimes, ‘Thank Yous’ can go unsaid.


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