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Jan 02, 2020 by Charles Momanyi

Guiding people around and through your building or campus quickly and safely is the main job of wayfinding signs and graphics, but the job isn’t complete if your signage is not fully compliant.

 Signs and visual graphics are key integral components in our society today in the quest of building and strengthening communities.

Tips to Purchase a Lightbox Sign

Lightbox signs are known to be one of the best marketing strategies by now these attract potential customers.


Top 4 Signs to Aid Manufacturing Facilities Maximize Workflow

April 09, 2019 by Charles Momanyi

Countless businesses in the manufacturing sector, such as manufacturing facilities, factories or warehouses will function as part of a longer supply chain, where their contribution will be inherent to the delivery of the final merchandise to the end customer.


Welcome to our company (www.refmacsigns.co.ke)

Welcome to Refmac Signs, specializing in the design, fabrication, and installation of premium signs for businesses, public areas, corporate buildings and transit amenities, including assistance with securing proper permits for placement and usage.

Great signage attracts customers to your business. It's a key factor in a company's successful visual branding to its target consumers because the quality, prominence and aesthetic appeal of your sign determine the type of attention you will draw. The goal is to ensure that you enhance your chances of acquiring new business and increasing revenue with that first impression you deliver through your outdoor signage.

About Us

Our company has built a solid reputation for high-quality products and services having completed major projects for many leading contracting companies.
Founded, owned and operated by Charles, an experienced sign technician, and fabricator, a talented technical designer, Refmac Signs has serviced both small business and multinational corporations in East and Central Africa. Mr. Charles has infused every aspect of Refmac Signs day-to-day customer service with a special personal touch that makes each client feel like part of the family. Our in-house design propositions have been accepted, and we have been contracted with multiple municipalities. Small business owners also benefit from the hands-on experience Refmac Signs has acquired during the development and fulfillment of large projects, giving them an advantage against their competitors.

Our Products

Refmac Signs expert designers, fabricators, and installers have the necessary technical skill and creative insight to develop signage that will stand out and fulfill the branding goals of your business. Our expertise encompasses a wide variety of formats and materials to choose from. Some of the most popular and cutting-edge alternatives are:
Electronic Displays They offer unsurpassed versatility by allowing the user to change its text and content, electronic displays allow unlimited message updates and rich features such as full color and video.

Wall Signs
They are a great alternative for indoor mall signage, wall signs can be illuminated or not; flat or raised; or any combination of these features.

Standard Channel Letters
They are a unique and elegant way to illuminate your sign by delivering a bright and colorful impression 24 hours a day.
Exposed Neon Letters
They are illuminated letters or entryway signs that are used to attract drive-by customers during the day and at night.

Back-lit Channel Letters
They offer an elegant alternative for illuminated signage, especially for high-end businesses that do not require the extra visibility that other styles of channel letters provide.

Architectural Signs
They can greatly enhance the look and image of your property or business site. Refmac Signs offers a variety of attractive and durable architectural sign solutions that can incorporate your logo, color palette, and graphics in a professional aesthetically pleasing manner.

Pole Signs
They are large site signs which provide the basic information that prospective tenants or purchasers need to inquire about a vacancy. Refmac Signs recommends them for construction

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