Founded, owned and operated by Charles, an experienced sign technician and fabricator, a talented technical designer, Refmac Signs has serviced both small business and multinational corporations in East and Central Africa. Mr. Charles has infused every aspect of Refmac Signs day-to-day customer service with a special personal touch that makes each client feel like part of the family. Our in-house design propositions have been accepted, and we have been contracted with multiple municipalities. Small businesses owners also benefit from the hand-on experience Refmac Signs has acquired during the development and fulfillment of large projects, giving them an advantage against their competitors.

Our credentials, formal training and certifications include:

  • • Electronic Specialty Sign Manufacturers License for the government of Kenya
    • United Labs (UL) Licensed (UL certifies quality compliance of electronic products)
    • Minority/Disadvantaged Business Certification (M.B.E./D.B.E.), which requires participating contractors to meet strict government parameters before managing a project
    • Local Developing Business Certification (LDB) to meet municipal government requirements for project awards
    • Facilities powder coating and painting
    • Fabrication skills and facilities that are conducive to achieving any design imaginable
    • Turn-key electronic signage and service with project management
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