Front Lit 3D Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs Custom acrylic signs add a touch of elegance to your business venue whether you use them for branding or decoration. Front Signs offers custom acrylic signs in Nairobi and nationwide. Get them in any size, dimension and style you desire. Custom Acrylic Signs in Kenya, East & Central... 

Custom Acrylic Signs in Kenya, East & Central Africa

Acrylic signs, also known as plexiglass signs, are a popular glass alternative used both indoors and outdoors across all industries. These signs are extremely durable, UV stable and modern in appearance. The material is sought after for its versatility and color fastness. Acrylic has an anti-yellowing feature and clarity that can be restored by polishing. It’s waterproof as well as fade and weather resistant.

The material is widely used in the signage industry to create custom, dimensional, illuminated and printed acrylic signs. Also called plexiglass signage, custom acrylic signs offer a lot of variety in style.

Types of Acrylic Signs

Custom acrylic signs come with a wide range of design options. Plexiglass and lexan are used for different signage products from large acrylic letters for building signs to small acrylic door signs. Each type has specific features you can benefit from. Regardless of style, acrylic business signs will help create a professional image for your brand.


 Acrylic Signs in Kenya

Dimensional Acrylic Signs

Three-dimensional large acrylic signs look captivating both indoors and outdoors. They can be made in various sizes, depths, colors and designs. The mounting options for plexiglass differ to meet your specific needs. From a wall-mounted version to a hanging acrylic sign, your choice will vary depending on size, illumination and other factors to consider.

Acrylic Signs in Kenya

Printed Acrylic Signs & Plaques

Acrylic sign printing is used for branding and decoration. The vivid colors of acrylic prints ensure that your text and graphics are properly showcased. Refmac Signs offers all types of acrylic sign printing such as logo prints for acrylic door signs or creative graphics for wall art. They’re often installed with standoffs but we offer other mounting options, too.

Acrylic Signage in Kenya by refmac Signs

Freestanding Acrylic Signs

Large acrylic signs can be set up as freestanding posts. This option is widely used for events as it allows great ease and freedom in placement. You can use them for multiple occasions or showcase them inside your venue. Freestanding clear acrylic letters and signs can be made into containers so you can fill them with decorative objects like balloons.